World's Most Dangerous Places to Visit


Aside from crocodiles and venomous spiders, one user unlocked a new fear with stonefish. He mentioned living in Australia as a toddler, but quickly adopted the habit of wearing shoes anytime he stepped into the ocean.

La Modelo Prison, Colombia

This prison is located in Bogota, Colombia, and was initially known for its notorious violence and poor conditions.

Svalbard, Norway

“So many people hike these trails in remote parts of the country without proper equipment and knowledge.”


There are many cases that soldiers come to your house at night and arrest a family member and then send back the dead body in the morning.

Thompson, Manitoba

“…the most dangerous city in Canada with the highest crime rate.”

Snake Island, Brazil

…it is the place with the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the world and is considered by some people as one of the deadliest islands known.

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

This city makes it to Mexico’s top five dangerous cities with a high crime rate.

West Baltimore, Maryland

This neighborhood, located in the west part of the city, faces poverty and crime.