6 Household Staples That Are a Waste of Money

Detergent Pods

they're significantly more expensive when compared to traditional detergents, some early studies have shown that the pods don't clean clothes as well. In fact, some even left new stains in their wake.

Cleaning and Dusting Wipes

Pre-moistened disinfecting wipes got a big boost in sales at the start of the pandemic in 2020, thanks largely to brands insisting their product could neutralize the coronavirus.

Lint Rollers

While the roller itself doesn't take up much space, as they're even marketed for their portability, it is ultimately a wasteful product.

Oven Cleaners

This is the case with oven cleaners, which are generally condemned by any major appliance company due to the damage they're known to do to these appliances they're supposed to clean.

Electronic Screen Cleaners

Though some swear by a mixture of water with a little bit of rubbing alcohol, the latter can damage the oleophobic (oil-repelling) coating that's common on such devices.

Paper Towels

Possibly the most common household product that's not at all necessary to keep around, paper towels can make a big dent in your budget as well as the environment.

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