The 10 Best Jarred Olive Brands, Ranked


Known for their high-quality Mediterranean olives, Divina offers a wide range of flavors and varieties, including Kalamata, Castelvetrano, and green olives stuffed with various fillings.


Mezzetta offers a diverse selection of jarred olives, including Greek Kalamata, Spanish Queen, and Italian-style green olives. They are known for their fresh and vibrant flavors.


Lindsay offers a variety of olives, including their popular Naturals line, which features natural and minimally processed olives. They have options like California black ripe olives, green ripe olives, and Kalamata olives.

Mario Camacho

Mario Camacho is known for their individually packed olives, making them convenient for snacking. They offer a range of flavors, including seasoned and stuffed olives.

Jeff's Naturals

Jeff's Naturals offers a selection of olives that are sourced from Mediterranean regions. They focus on using natural and non-GMO ingredients, and their olives are known for their bold flavors.


Gaea offers premium Greek olives packed in jars, including Kalamata and green olives. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and produce high-quality olives.


Pearls is a well-known brand that offers a variety of olives, including black ripe olives, green olives, and specialty options like garlic-stuffed and jalapeno-stuffed olives.


Mancini is known for their Italian-style olives, including Cerignola and Castelvetrano olives. They offer large, meaty olives with a rich flavor profile.